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Feb 15 2015

New Album for 2015 is now realized ! Travel is a concept Album which has to be listen as one long track ! Of course you can listen each songs separately too.. The inspiration of the album is about 30 years of compositions by Eric Senet and lyrics by AJ McCathern & Eric Senet..Easy listening rock pop songs , you will enjoy too the character of each and the space sensation .

Also , on this site a new page is working soon about BStudioProd, the plcae where we record , mix and master the albums , not only WildWorld , but also Amalgam, De:laQ , Delilah June, Trinity Falls ...

 Feb 17 2014

Feb 04 2013


Jan 10 2013

 TODAY 2-17-2014 A new WildWorld album appears : Awake My Soul

It's 16 tracks  , 8 covers , 8 new compositions we did with always the same pleasure and enthousiasm than usual !! Still , it's a large variety of rythms and melodies, and we continue in the line of our objective , pleasure , only pleasure ! We hope you will like to share this with us !:)  You can listen it on :


 The video clip "Campaign Of Angels " is on Youtube right now !

Take a look and let us some comments

You can watch it  in the video page!

Enjoy !!


WildWorld's sophomore effort, 'Campaign of Angels,' is a departure from their first album, 'Where Have You Been?' and yet a return to the eclectic sounds and themes that gives them their unique edge. Difficult to categorize as any one specific genre, it is best to leave any expectations at the door & just listen to the music.

Charging out of the gate, the track list leads off with the bass-thumping 'You Have To Know.'

The anthemic 'Time Has Come' calls for for a deviation from the class warfare of business-as-usual, and also for social change from within.

Title track, 'Campaign of Angels,' is based on a series of real-life angelic encounters & their sympathy for our human condition.

'Mea Culpa' contemplates the cost of compromise in relationships.

A no-holds-barred sort of monologue, 'The End,' leaves little to the imagination after a harsh breakup.

"What love means is that I'm always sorry. Always so sorry." ~Oh My My

Ever lost one very dear to you & believed you'd one day be reunited with them? You're walking the path with 'Dust In Soul.'

WildWorld deuxième album, le «Campagne des anges, est une suite de leur premier album,« Where Have You Been? et encore un retour aux sonorités éclectiques et des thèmes qui leur donne leur bord unique. Difficile à classer comme un seul genre spécifique, il est préférable de laisser toute attente à la porte et juste écouter de la musique.

Charge hors de la porte, la liste des pistes débute avec la basse puissante "You Have To Know".

L'hymnique «Time Has Come "'appels à une déviation de la lutte des classes de business-as-usual, et aussi pour le changement social à l'intérieur.

Chanson-titre, «Campagne des anges», est basée sur une série de réelles rencontres angéliques et leur sympathie pour notre condition humaine.

«Mea Culpa» contemple le coût du compromis dans les relations.

Une sorte  de monologue sur tous 
les coups sont permis, «The End», laisse peu à l'imagination après une rupture difficile.

"Ce que l'amour veut dire, c'est que je suis toujours désolé. Toujours tellement désolé." ~ My Oh My

  Si vous avez perdu un être  très cher   et vous avez cru un jour être réunis avec ? Vous marchez le chemin avec «poussière dans l'âme".
(Dust in soul)

New Album

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